Asreen Zangana //Filmmaker//Programmer//

Born in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Asreen is an artist specializing in film based in New York City. 

Asreen is an interdisciplinary artist who creates experimental films, installations, and mixed media works examining the fluid nature of imagery across contexts. By translating still and moving images across different mediums, they investigate how meaning morphs through each incarnation and exchange with the viewer. Though rendered with avant-garde aesthetics, Asreen’s practice explores substantive questions around identity, desire, and belonging in an increasingly fragmented world. Through innovative compositional techniques and metaphors, their works immerse audiences in surreal dreamscapes that poignantly confront the tenuousness of selfhood and reality. 

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contact at: asreenzangana{at}gmail{dot}com


2023 Special Mention, Kinoskop Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2023 Artist Residency, Crithir, Cork, Ireland
2023 Artist Residency, Deica, Irixoa, Galicia
2023 Impulsive Movement Method, New York, NY


2023 Short Cuts, Shed Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, USA


2023 Kinoskop Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia
2023 No Budge, New York City, NY, USA
2023 Shed Gallery, Milwaukee, WI, USA

11.26 The Spanish Earth, Socialist Cinema Series
09.24 The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Socialist Cinema Series
09.17 Arrebato, Horror Cinema
08.27 Home Sweet Home, Selection of eight short films centering around the meaning of home


“Asreen Zangana directs “Oh Dear Lord What is Wrong With Your Face?” a Super 8 black-and-white film looking at familial relationships through body horror. Surrounded with ominous mechanical hums and noises, we see a pair of hands who can be assumed to be that of a teenager. The character peels away at their skin, layer by layer. Their father, who can’t seem to stop squirming or grimacing, tries to console his child while the mother ridicules the child in sheer disgust. A priest is called to the house in hopes of making some sense of the situation, but he seems to be yet another addition to the absurd ensemble of characters in Zangana’s world. The film, already jarring, then embarks on a rapid montage of clips and frames stripped from the film. Distinct in its analog feel and sound, “Oh Dear Lord What is Wrong With Your Face?” embraces older experimental film techniques but with a sensibility, both in its subject matter and genre, that feels relevant to today.” -NO BUDGE

“OH DEAR LORD WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE? by Asreen Zangana who examines the identity crisis and familial neurosis in a fashion that is both aurally and visually stunning. This 20-minute attack on the senses can be described as ‘Ed Wood leads a BEGOTTEN-ized dialogue with John Waters in a necrorealist recesses of David Lynch’s subconscious mind, and Peter Tscherkassky’s meta-universe’.” - Kinoskop film festival